We share critical information that saves lives.

Every agency responding to an incident has invested heavily in radio and other technology, trained continually, and planned for the worst. However, the challenge of siloed communications occurs when multiple local, state, federal, military, or private security agencies respond to the same incident.

To reduce confusion and delay, each agency must be able to send and receive data, in real time, to other responding agencies. Solving this critical problem requires a secure clearinghouse of critical information in digital form, enabling all parties to securely stream critical information between each other.

Meet SimpleSense: the first-of-its-kind Incident Authority, enabling interoperability of critical, actionable information. Working with Fortune 500s and the U.S. Air Force, we’re proving information sharing is possible today, with existing technology, quickly and efficiently.

US companies spend $210B+ per year on work-related incidents. With the rise in number and complexity of incidents, like active shooters, there is more demand than ever to solve this critical problem.

The Scale of the Problem


Preventable deaths every year in the US


Calls made to 911 every year

6 Min

Average workplace delay per incident


Annual cost of workplace incidents in the US

Our story

In early 2018, SimpleSense co-founders attended a hackathon hosted by SOFWERX, a government skunkworks that brings together startup experts and industry veterans.

It was here that we learned about the silos between public and private emergency teams and the very real consequences of these silos. We left wondering how no one had solved this critical problem and dove into an eighteen month long discovery process, interviewing over 450 police and fire chiefs and military and private security experts.

When the City of Erie and a Fortune 500 insurance company announced a security innovation accelerator, we jumped at the opportunity to work closely with public and private stakeholders to pilot a potential breakthrough solution.

In early 2019, SimpleSense launched the first-ever software-based Incident Authority, a secure cloud-based technology stack that shares critical information, in real time in an emergency, between multiple government, military, and private parties.

By summer 2019, the SimpleSense approach caught the eye of the U.S. Air Force, who awarded us multiple contracts to validate the technology in a military context. At the end of 2019, the Air Force awarded us an additional contract to deploy and run a full-scale test of the technology at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas.

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Meet Our Team

Eric Kanagy

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Brickner

Chief Product Officer

Adam Markham

Chief Technology Officer

Eric Horan

Director, Government Contracting

Joe Weindorf

Public Safety Advocate

Thomas Hendrix


Who we're working with

We are currently deployed with public safety agencies and Fortune 500s, universities, property managers, and government institutions to improve emergency response times and provide safer working environments by sharing critical information between all agencies responding to an emergency.