We help those who help others

Simplesense integrates data and technologies to help operators and responders get the information they need to react faster in emergency incidents​

What we do


We rapidly deliver sensor and data capabilities based on commercial best practices. Risks and timelines are reduced by adapting existing systems versus complete replacements.


We leverage modern security frameworks to ensure system resilience to advanced cyber attacks. We'll continuously adapt to new threats and vulnerabilities.


Our goal is to get the right information to the right people at the right time through role-based user dashboards. This increases readiness for both normal and emergency operations.

Installation Resilience Operations Center (IROC)

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center awarded Simplesense a $12M opportunity to develop the Installation Resilience Operations Center (IROC), an innovative prototype to enhance base security and facility operations. The objective of IROC is to modernize routine and emergency operations to enable real time data collection and analysis of all operational technology systems from smart buildings to physical security systems.

Incident Feed

Simplesense’s Incident Feed ingests real time emergency incident data from public safety agencies (such as police, fire, and emergency medical services) and displays it as a feed to provide greater situational awareness to operators and first responders at military and enterprise safety centers, allowing for faster and more coordinated responses. The Incident Feed is deployed at a Fortune 500 insurance company and several Air Force bases.

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