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Tools to help your team adapt to the COVID crisis A Free Data Export Tool for all US Counties and 176 Countries

For employees to #ReturnToWork safely, security teams need daily updates on confirmed cases of COVID-19 in every county where they have people, equipment, and facilities. CovidNotify is a free data collection tool created by SimpleSense via the Narrative API. collects Johns Hopkins data every five minutes throughout the day.

With a simple, streamlined dashboard, you can enter all of the countries, states, and counties you want to monitor. From here, you can download the data and receive an optional daily email with a CSV file attached. Data is available for:

  • 176 countries
  • 19 countries at a state/region level
  • 3 countries at a county/sub-region level (US, UK, and Spain).

There are an unprecedented number of volunteers collecting, analyzing, and presenting data in response to the pandemic. This tool is SimpleSense’s tiny contribution to this effort to help security teams make smarter, more informed decisions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Return to Work: An Exhaustive Compilation of Policies & Procedures

Every week, SimpleSense compiles the latest policies and procedures that organizations have created to reopen their workplaces. We use a publicly visible Trello board to categorize these resources into 20 different lists:

  • Common Areas, Kitchens, Bathrooms
  • Communication & Training
  • Contact Tracing
  • Data & Surveillance
  • Facilities
  • Legal
  • Meetings
  • Physical Security
  • Planning
  • Policies
  • Sanitation, Hygiene, & PPE
  • Scheduling
    Screening & Testing
  • Signage
  • Social distancing
  • Space Planning
  • Layout, & Design
  • Tracking, Reporting, & Privacy
  • Travel & Commuting
  • Visitors, Vendors, Shipping & Receiving

911 Dispatch Data: An Overlooked Source of Medical Intelligence

A hallmark of the current pandemic is the overwhelming volume of real-time data. It’s easy to feel defeated by the stream of dashboards, testing counts, reopening metrics, and excessive death estimates.

Hospital and testing records are one of the best, near-real-time datasets available to decision-makers. However, there is another overlooked, front-line dataset that can provide a rapid, accurate measure of infection spread: 911 dispatch data.

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Resources & Guides

The Future of Work, Post-Pandemic

We collected ideas from around the Internet on what the workplace will be like once we return.

Tech:NYC COVID-19 resource guide

A living document compiling information on government support  and how New York companies are responding to the pandemic. New York focused but still broadly applicable.

Back to Work Toolkit

A joint project led by Madrona alongside the Seattle Venture Community, Leading Tech, Retail and Aerospace Companies in the Region and the Seattle Metropolitan and Bellevue Chambers of Commerce.

Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide For Reopening Your Workplace

Cushman & Wakefield assembled this comprehensive guide to some of the best thinking and practices that more than 53,000 professionals have compiled across the globe, including insights from key partners