A Free Data Export Tool for all US Counties and 176 Countries A free tool to automatically export Johns Hopkins county-level data to Excel in one click or via a daily email.

For employees to #ReturnToWork safely, security teams need daily updates on confirmed cases of COVID-19 in every county they have people, equipment, and facilities. This surveillance function is critically important for monitoring outbreaks and gaining actionable data to prevent infection from spreading further.

Right now, inside nearly every company, there’s a security analyst or manager tasked with collecting daily county-level COVID-19 data. This process typically requires these professionals to painstakingly click through the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Map, county by county, and then paste each data point into a spreadsheet.

While for a county or two, this task isn’t particularly arduous. However, the average Fortune 500 has 40+ locations across the US and an international presence. With this kind of corporate footprint, this process can take security analysts and managers hours to complete each day.

covid-19 data export tool

To simplify the process, SimpleSense built this free COVID-19 data export tool working with feedback from the ASIS Open Forum and our end users at military bases and Fortune 500s. Our goal is to save security teams time, so they can focus on keeping employees safe instead of clicking a dashboard and pasting data points into a spreadsheet. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

How Does CovidNotify Work?

SimpleSense was a winning participant in the Newlab COVID-19 data hack, where we learned about the Narrativa API that collects Johns Hopkins data every five minutes throughout the day. Based on this API, we created a streamlined dashboard where users can enter all of the countries, states, and counties they want to monitor. From here, the user can download the data in one click and optionally receive a daily email with a CSV file attached.

What Does it Cost and Where Does the Data Come From?

This tool is entirely free to use, built with open-source software and the freely available data provided by Johns Hopkins and other sources collected by Narrativa daily. Data is available for:

  • 176 countries total
  • 19 countries at a state/region level
  • 3 countries at a county/sub-region level (US, UK, Spain).

There are an unprecedented number of volunteers collecting, presenting, and understanding data in response to the pandemic, a truly global effort. This tool is SimpleSense’s tiny contribution to this effort to help security teams make smarter, more informed decisions during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you would like a demo or to learn more about SimpleSense’s incident-authority technology, visit our website.

About SimpleSense

SimpleSense is a first-of-its-kind incident authority that enables interoperability between safety & security teams, regardless of whether they’re local, state or federal government, military, or private enterprise. In an emergency, it doesn’t matter which agency you’re with: every responder needs the most critical incident information as soon as possible. By solving this problem, we minimize the siloed communication that happens between agencies while responding to an emergency.

Security teams have deployed SimpleSense technology at military bases, public safety agencies, Fortune 500s, universities, property management companies, and government institutions to improve emergency response times and reduce confusion.

In response to the pandemic, SimpleSense has developed multiple resources for safety and security teams including:

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